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Metal Frame
If it includes metal studs and track we can build it! Entire buildings, Pony Walls, Furrdown, whatever you need we can do it. We are always looking for new challenges.
Whether you want gypsum board,  cement board, green board, plywood, underlayment, and glass-mat sheathing; it does not matter, we do it all. The only thing you have to do is give us an opportunity.
It's more than a job, it's a lifestyle
Acoustical Ceiling/Clouds
As a local, small business we, Angels Drywall Company, are looking to make a name for ourselves in a difficult market.
The only way we feel that we can accomplish this, is by making sure that 100% of our clients are satisfied.
Satisfied not only with our work, because we know y’all will be, but also with our service and our staff. Whether it’s a commercial or a residential project we want the opportunity to make you, our future client, happy.
We handle everything from attaching wall angles, installing/attaching ceiling wires, ceiling grid, and tile placement. We have done ceilings at many different heights for many recognized locations like gyms, hospitals, schools, you name it we have done it. Clouds are a bit more compicated but also more beautiful. You can see these luxury designs in Verizon Wireless on Dowlen, Cathedral in the Pines off of Eastex Fwy, Nederland High School, etc...